Frequently Asked Questions

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When I purchase the online course how long will I have access to it?

You will have access to the online course for 12 weeks, commencing on the date you purchased it. This will allow you to view the course at your own pace and view lessons, or sections of them, multiple times.

Can I purchase individual course sessions separately?

No, because the Homeopathy Advanced Case Management Course is designed to be undertaken as a progressive learning course where content of some sessions reinforces and builds on that of others.

Can I view a session more than once?

Yes, you can view each session as many times as you wish.

Do the course sessions need to be viewed in the order that they are listed?

Ideally, yes. The course is structured so that sessions are designed to follow each other in the order they are listed. Content is progressively introduced as you move through course sessions. You are free, however, to view sessions in a different order if you wish.

Is this course subject to copyright?

This course is protected by strict copyright laws. It is asked that you please respect this in a spirit of honesty and service to the homeopathic profession.

The strict privacy settings of this course will prevent you from sharing or downloading any content. Attempting to do so will automatically cancel your subscription. All membership accounts will be monitored.

How do I access my course material?

Click on Lessons and Courses, then Homeopathy Advanced Case Management Course (left side of the page). Click on Curriculum and you will have access to all the course sessions and quizzes.

Am I able to view this course from anywhere else other than

No. The course is embedded on the website only and is not accessible from any other location.

Do I need to score 100% to pass each quiz?

Yes, a 100% pass mark is required for all quizzes. If you have answered any questions incorrectly for a given quiz, the correct answers will be indicated so you can then re-take the quiz.

Do I receive a Certificate, for continual professional education (CPE) purposes, to formally indicate I have completed the online course?

Yes, you will receive a Certificate of Completion once you have submitted the fully correct quizzes for all the course sessions. You will obtain 5 hours CPE for this course and this will be indicated on your Certificate.

This course has been accredited by Australian Register of Homeopaths (AROH).

How do I receive a certificate on completing the course?

You can download it from the course website after you have completed all sessions and quizzes.

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