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What Do Our Courses Cover?

The Homeopathy Advanced Case Management Course ties together the theoretical and practical aspects of Classical Hahnemannian homeopathy. Each session of the course covers a different aspect of case management.

This course provides practical applications of classical principles supported by many examples from Martin Costigan’s clinical cases.


Course sessions are:

  1. Wet Split Dosing
  2. Effective Case Taking
  3. The Second Prescription
  4. Remedy Relationships
  5. Dreams (Part 1)
  6. Dreams (Part 2)

How Will You Benefit From The Course?

Case management skills

Finely tune your case management skills to individual cases. Achieving Aphorism 153 consistently in your practice will depend greatly on you developing a broad range of management skills.

Case management scenarios

Develop the ability to recognise and address different specific management scenarios in your practice. Being able to do this well will take your practice to a whole new level.

Hypersensitive and complex cases

This one aspect of case management alone, can result in many homeopaths giving up practicing in frustration! Many homeopaths, beginning and experienced, often struggle when treating hypersensitive or complex cases. Increase your confidence in managing such cases and experience the professional satisfaction from doing so.

Liquid dosing

Learn how to use liquid doses in your clinic to highly individualise treatment according to individual patient sensitivity, reduce aggravations and achieve more rapid results.

Remedy relationships

Make remedy selection easier by increasing your knowledge and understanding of remedy relationships and learning how to apply that knowledge in your practice.

Case Taking

Enlarge your tool kit of case taking skills to increase your fluency in this area. Learn to use Kent’s Hierarchy of Symptoms as a practical guide to structure your case taking and arrive at the true simillimum.


Even for experienced homeopaths, repertorising a patient case can still be a hit and miss process at times. Learn many practical tips for making repertorising more accurate, succinct and efficient.


Many homeopaths are confused about the place of dreams in homeopathy. Learn more about dreams and Jungian Dream Analysis, apply this information your clinic, then discover how patient dreams can actually be used as an effective case management tool.

Assessments - How Do They Work?

All you need to know about course assessment

In relation to online courses, for Continuing Professional Education (CPE) purposes, some professional associations require the awarding of a Certificate of Completion and the undertaking of a quiz as proof that the course has been studied and completed by the participant.

When you enrol in the Homeopathy Advanced Case Management Course you will also be able to complete online quizzes. There are 6 quizzes, one to be completed at the end of each session. Please complete each quiz after you have viewed its related online session.

Each quiz consists of 5 questions. In total, there are 30 questions – 5 questions for each of the 6 session topics.

Simply click on the answers you consider to be most correct. When you have completed the quiz click COMPLETE to submit it.

If all of your answers are correct, the quiz will have a green tick next to indicating it is completed successfully.

If you have answered any questions incorrectly, click REVIEW. Correct answers will be indicated and you can re-sit the quiz by clicking on RETAKE. There is no limit to how many attempts you can make on any individual quiz.

When all 6 quizzes have been submitted with 100% correct answers, you will be able to access your Certificate of Completion by clicking on CERTIFICATE.

The course, including sessions and quizzes, comprises a total time of 5 hours.

About The Educator - Martin Costigan

Martin Costigan has spent much of his adult life assisting others in living more holistically. Martin is a classical homeopath who practices out his own clinic in Brisbane, Australia. His qualifications and life experience have equipped him well to offer professional homeopathic care.

Originally Martin obtained a Degree in Medical Laboratory Science and worked in hospitals conducting diagnostic testing for a variety of disease states. Martin then taught high school for 14 years, gaining wide experience at dealing with teenagers and issues which impact their daily lives.

After leaving teaching Martin studied Homeopathic Medicine for 3 years. Martin is also a qualified Biomesotherapist and Bowen Therapist.

This unique combination of Biomedical Science and Homeopathic Medicine enables Martin to understand patient’s ailments in Western medical language while being able to treat using homeopathic medicines, which are non-suppressive and free of side effects.

Martin is also interested in the area of self development and has facilitated a number of retreats for both teenagers and adults in the areas of personal growth and spiritual development.

Martin brings to his mission a passion for educating others about achieving personal wholeness and is regularly sought after as a speaker on a variety of health topics and the homeopathic approach to them.

“Martin brings to his mission a passion for educating others about achieving personal wholeness.”

Martin Costigan,  Brisbane Based Classical Homeopath