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Watch the above video to meet Martin Costigan and listen to him outline his reasons for writing this online Homeopathy Advanced Case Management Course.

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Our online homeopathic courses provide the following benefits

Produced by a professional homeopath

Homeopathic courses created by an experienced, practicing homeopath for fellow homeopaths. Content is punctuated with examples from the homeopathic clinic setting, providing participants with concrete, practical learning which they can apply directly in their practice.

Online assessment

Courses incorporate a seamless online assessment tool, which will test participant understanding of content and provide a Certificate of Completion for Continued Professional Education (CPE) purposes.

Professional quality videos

Video sessions are user-friendly and high quality. They can be viewed from a variety of devices including laptop, tablet and phone.

Review videos

Course sessions, or sections thereof, can be re-viewed as many times as a participant wishes, within the overall time frame of course accessibility. This will assist in consolidation of content.

Student & Practitioner Feedback

Valued feedback from those we have helped


David S

Homeopath Practitioner

Martin Costigan has produced six videos that will dramatically improve homeopaths ability to treat their patients.  Many homeopaths have never been taught how to use Hahnemann’s advanced method of prescribing, which is also known as wet split dosing. For practitioners who are unfamiliar with, or have trouble using wet split doses, Martin walks you through preparing and administering this very effective way of prescribing. Homeopaths who wish to refine their case management ability will find a gold mine of information in the video entitled The second prescription. Along with the other videos in this series Martin provides clear information that you can immediately put into practice and start seeing results. This is information that you will use every day and will help you make more informed and confidant decisions in the treatment of your patients. I thoroughly recommend the information in Martins series of videos. Actually I feel it should be required viewing for all homeopaths.


Jacob G

Homeopath Practitioner

Clear presentation with points well explained.


Sam D


Your course was great. You are a fantastic teacher.


Abby F


Martin thank you for sharing your knowledge, understanding and self with us in this online course. I have learnt lots and gained insight into the use of software repertory work which makes a big difference to my tool kit.


Frederick S

Homeopath Practitioner

I have found this course incredibly informative, To see how homeopathic philosophy works clinically is invaluable. I feel far more confident now being able to use wet/split dosing and really look forward to my next client. Fabulous to have guidelines on how to evaluate frequency, dosage and potency when giving a remedy.


Annie D


I am still anxious a week before my 5th live case as part of my studies, but I now look forward to it. This was an amazing course.


Patricia F


At this stage being a year 4 homeopathic student I have found this Case Management Course invaluable. Fantastic to be given concrete tools to go ahead with. Has really filled a gap with solid steps that can be taken in developing my case taking. Appreciated the clarity in teaching.